1970     Orde van den Prince, Mechelen, Belgium
             L´Archange Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1971     Winner of the Grand Prix of Expressionism, New York, USA
             Taft Gallery, New york , USA
             Winner of the Grand Prix d’Eté, Nice, France
             Galerie Splendid, Nice, France
1972     Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1973     Calais City Hall, Calais, France
1974     Art in Europe, Brussels, Belgium
             Galerie Reflets d’Art, Paris, France
1975     Oudenbosch City Hall, Oudenbosch, The Netherlands
             Burroughs Fine Art, London, UK
1978     Sato Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1979     Moderne Kunst Gallerie, Aachen, Germany
1980     China Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong
1981     Modern Galeri, Stockholm, Sweden
             Taft Gallery, New York, USA
1982     Art Project, Los Angeles, USA
             Park Gallery, New York, USA
1983     Interim Art, London, UK
             Galerie Bellefontaine, Lausanne, Switzerland
1985     Galeria Nuñez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1986     Winner of the Talent Prize, Rome, Italy
             Galeria Fontanella Borghese, Rome, Italy
1987     Church Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
1988     KB Luxembourg, Luxembourg
             Galerie Salambo, Paris, France
1989     Horizon Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1990     Galerie Latour, Bordeaux, France
             Winner of the Kunstpreis, Cologne, Germany
             Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
1991     Gallerie Fort Art, Tournai, Belgium
1992     Palais des Colonies, Tervueren, Belgium
1993     Jacob Jarvits Gallery, New York, USA
             Miami Contemporary Art, Miami, USA
1994     Interim Art, London, UK
1995     Sato Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1996     Casino, Namur, Belgium
             Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, France
1998     Modern Galeri, Stockholm, Sweden
1999     China Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong
2000     Exhibition Cultural Capital of Europe, Brussels, Belgium
             Biennale de Lyon, Lyon, France
2001     Art Project, Los Angeles, USA
2002     Racine Art Gallery, Paris, France
2003     Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
             Biennale de Lyon, Lyon, France
2004     Miami Contemporary Art, Miami, USA
             Château d’Enghien, Enghien, Belgium
2006     Arsenale, Venice, Italy
2007     The Makeshift Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2008     Abbey of Dieleghem, Brussels, Belgium
             Publication of the Book ‘Mysticism and Anarchy’
2009     Kunstprojekt Mauerfall, Berlin, Germany
2010     Ideeënhuis, Geraardsbergen, Belgium
2012     MiArt, Milan, Italy
2013     London Art Fair, London, UK
             Teşvikiye Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, Turkey
             Espace Blanche, Brussels, Belgium

Regular participation at the following art fairs:

ARCO Madrid, Madrid, Spain - Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland
- Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, USA - Art Cologne, Köln,
Germany - Art Forum, Berlin, Germany - CIGE, Beijing, China
- Contemporary Art Fair, Rome, Italy - FIAC, Paris, France -
shContemporary, Shanghai, China
Ataraxia, Diptych 2 x 70x90 cm, Oil on canvas
Photo: Philippe Vernaeve
Following passions

For as far as I remember, I've always been expressing my creativity. My mother played an important role herein, always stimulating and supporting me. As a youth I was involved in several disciplines: painting, music, photography, film and acting. But, early on, I chose to invest myself fully in painting, because it was my true calling. I went to an arts college, which is something I can recommend to every young artist, because it is an efficient way to learn a lot of techniques, discover other disciplines - stimulating exchanges, and creates a healthy pressure that challenges you to push your limits, improve your technical skills and eventually find your own style.

In 1970 I had my first exhibition at a gallery and launched myself as a ‘professional’ artist. I was fortunate to win a couple of prestigious awards early in my career: the Grand Prix of Expressionism in New York and the Grand Prix d’Ete in Nice, both of them in 1971. Today, winning awards has less impact on me, but in those difficult early days, that kind of recognition of my talent, convinced me I had chosen the right life path and strengthened my resolve to continue working intensively. Participating in contests is a good idea, especially for beginning artists.
Philotes (tenderness), 130x90 cm, Oil on canvas
Photo: Philippe Vernaeve

Besides my career as an artist, I had one as a lecturer. Teaching, enabling and stimulating young people to find their calling is in my opinion the most beautiful job there is. I tought advertising and art techniques, but besides teaching them knowledge and techniques, you also pass along plenty of life experience and values. As with my own children, I tried to stimulate my students to develop a more critical mind, more solidarity, a wider perspective, the desire to always discover new things and push their limits, and the love for books and voyages.
Moros (fate), 130x90 cm, Oil on canvas
Photo: Philippe Vernaeve
Reading and traveling

Reading and traveling both confront you with alternative truths, that compel you to question yourself, to change established assumptions, to push existing limits, allowing you to further grow as a person.

Traveling has always been my first priority, also in terms of the household budget. That's how I managed to see a large part of the world. Asia will always be on top of my favorite destinations list. The discovery of great civilizations as the Indian and the Chinese, and see for oneself how traditions still influence people's lives today, is a true enrichment. Before I leave, I always try to know as much as possible about the culture of each region, their history, religions, art, customs, etc. It makes conversations with locals all the more interesting.

Reading is like a second nature to me. It is a bare necessity, just like eating or drinking. Reading books of great writers and philosophers, brings them into your living room. It almost feels like you're having a conversation with them. I'm convinced that somebody that likes to read, can never be bored. I take notes, compare hypotheses and reflect on them. It is a self-feeding process.
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